My First Campaign

Adventure 1 Synopsis
A Mother's Dying Wish

A loyal son hoping to carry out his mother’s dying wishes sets your party on the trail of the last copy of his mother’s favorite song. When the adventurers find out that the only copy of this sheet music is the prized possession of the king, they must decided if a dying wish is worth the death of themselves.

Adventure 1 - A Voice in the Crowd
A Voice in the Crowd

As early morning turns to mid-morning you enter the gates of Fairpoint: a large coastal city that thrives on trading.

The streets of Fairport are bustling as travelers, traders, and citizens conduct their daily business.

After walking for several minutes you see a small crowd gathered near a large fountain. As you move closer to the crowd you hear a male voice singing while the crowd claps and laughs. The voice sounds strangely familiar but from where you are, and with the noise from the crowd, you have a hard time placing the voice.

Spot check

(DC 12)
Roll   Result   Reward
> 12   the party can see through the crowd and
make out that the singer is Himoor.
  15 XP
< 11   must wade through the crowd to get closer
or roll another spot check.
  15 – (2 * number of re-rolls) XP

As the song ends and the crowds clapping subside you can now make out the voice of a man talking. The voice is that of a man you knew many years ago when you were both younger.

Now that the crowd is starting to disperse you can finally see the man: Himoor.

After Himoor has finished his bows and collecting the money that was given to him, he looks up to see the PCs and instantly recognizes them. He greats them each by name recalling how long it has been since the last time they had seen one another. He insists that the party join him for a reunion drink at his favorite local tavern.

The tavern (Cleft and Land Tavern) is not a long distance away, but it is far enough away for the party and Himoor to do a little chit-chatting.


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